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Hello from Maine.... I am married and have great husband and 3 children. I also have 2 nice son-in-laws and 2 wonderful grandchildren... I love to crochet,sew quilts, read, I enjoy compiting all over the world. I have a business where I help people "learn and earn" money in a very simple way...I love helping people.... email me if you need help earning money... learn_earn@juno.com

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Hello it is Lora from Maine

This is Sunday,Aug 25th,2004... It is 10:40 pm as I type this blog.

I have been up to my daughters today. My husband and my son had lunch there with my 2 grandchildren.

My grandson starts college next Monday.. He is moving into dorm this friday.

We had pizza for lunch.. Simple and quick..no dishes to wash.. Love that part...I hate doing dishes.

I came home and had a nice nap, then I got ready to go church. Now here I am typing this message to you.

I mentioned in my profile I have a business where I help people learn how to make money.
I call it the Learn and Earn System...Earn as you learn..... It is easy to learn...also easy to earn also.

email me at: learn_earn@juno.com for more details....